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Florida Norway Pine bowl #250

Florida Norway Pine bowl #250

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Wood is Norway Pine from Florida. Wood has spalted very nicely with multiple streaks. Voids are filled with Blue/Green paint pigment/epoxy.  Size is 7" Wide X 7" Height

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Artist Dennis Hippen  Item #250


All woodturnings by “Hipwood” are food safe.

Artistic bowls/turnings are decorative and can be refreshed with paste wax or beeswax should they ever look a little dull.

Functional bowls/turnings can certainly be used for many years with a little TLC. Simply wipe off surfaces with a paper towel when used for serving dry items like fruit, chips, nuts, etc. Again a little a paste or beeswax and buff will readily refresh.

Bowls used for mixing salads can be wiped out with a paper towel and as needed, a mild soap and water (less water is best) and hand dry. Apply mineral oil and buff when surface becomes dull.

Please avoid extreme moisture, heat such as baking in the sunny window, soaking in water, or leaving in the refrigerator. (Same as your wooden furniture)